Nancy Fox
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s p a c e

I am interested in space – in my work there is outer space, reading space, space taken up by virtual furniture, space through highway overpasses. These are abstract and imaginary, of my own constructing, as if the very idea of space is intangible. I know it when I see it, but it is elusive.


I organize elements in space, arrange and assemble photos, lines, and colour blocks, like words for sentences. I build into it, fill it up with a colour, a pattern of dots and marks that make one thing into another: creating a form for the negative space. It is making something elusive, solid. It feels filled up, whole and right. The structures contain the air and you become the air, swift and fleeting.

This building and organizing somehow seems to explain it, make sense of it. But once created they always seem to want to dissolve and fall apart, they seem not to want to stand up to permanence. To see the structure being built is also to see it dismantled.


So, maybe it is about momentum, always traveling, slow or fast. Hints of structure as you move through a passageway, a glimpse. It is about feeling the gravitation pulling on your body as you sway around the curve. It is fleeting. It is also sometimes quiet, like reading, words on a page or an image on a print. The images come in and go out and try to pull together only to evaporate.

The momentum is barely contained by space.