Nancy Fox
Axehead 1Axehead 1 DetailAxehead 2Axehead 2 DetailAxehead 3Axehead 3 DetailAxehead 4 Axehead 4 DetailSang de BeoufBlue CeylonDouble GourdVase 4 SmallVase 1 smallVase 2 smallVase 3 small
Vases and Axes
The Axehead and Vases are works in progress. They are intaglio and relief on pine plywood, printed on 18 x 24" St. Armand Paper.

The Axehead suite of prints take their inspiration from the collection of axeheads held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC. They are originally made from both stone or metal, the handles of the axes (presumable wood) are long since gone. There will be about 10-12 axeheads in the suite.

Similarly, the Vases print suite is also inspired by a collection at the Met - the collection of Asian ceramics. The prints are more abstracted in that the forms and colours of the glazes have been created from my memory of seeing them on exhibition at the Met. There will be about 10 in this suite. The images here are colour tests.

The two prints suites together have an interesting dichotomy, the axes, originally having a utilitarian purpose and a more physical presence, have aged over centuries, the vases by contrast are finely crafted and with delicately designed shapes and intense layered colour.